The Solar Stirling Plant

The Solar Stirling Plant With the threat of rising electricity bills on the horizon, more people are looking for ways to augment their electrical power and even generate their own electricity. Solar Panels Adelaide Living off the grid is a dream that many people have, but there is one interesting power system, The Solar Stirling Plant, that allows people to generate electricity at home.

The Solar Stirling Plant generates solar electricity and provides plenty of solar power for your home. When properly constructed, this product promises to significantly reduce electricity bills and even act as emergency power for your home during times of power outages. The number of advantages this product promises are considerable, but what exactly makes it different from traditional solar panels?

What is the Solar Stirling Plant?

The Solar Stirling Plant was actually first created by Scottish inventor Dr. Robert Sterling back in the 19th century. The solar power system itself was created as an alternative to steam engines that used internal combustion technology, something that we see in vehicles today. While showing signs of promise, the application never gained any traction and it is now regulated to ocean-going vessels, most notably boats and submarines where the attributes of the Solar Sterling Plant, namely the increased safety and quiet nature of this design, are better suited.

Basically, this is a “closed-cycle” power source that does not use any venting or exhaust to relieve the pressure. This is what helps make it nearly silent in operation and very environmentally friendly as well, depending on the type of internal fuel system that is used. Because it can use a wide variety of different power sources, from fossil fuel to solar energy, it is highly versatile and well suited for different applications.

The solar version of the Stirling plant uses parabolic mirrors that focus the energy of the sun onto the power plant itself. The entire apparatus has the appearance of a satellite dish. Essentially, this is to magnify the energy of the sun into one stop to create more power. It is claimed that this process creates up to 12 times more power than a standard solar panel.

Inside the Solar Stirling Plant is hydrogen which is alternatively heated and cooled which changes the pressure inside the unit to drive the pistons up and down. This action causes the crankshaft to turn the generator which then creates electricity. This technology has been around for nearly two centuries and is now coming back into favor thanks to its rather simple construction and efficiency.

The Solar Stirling Plant Review Product

The product itself is an eBook that contains all the information needed to build a Solar Stirling Plant. In addition, the company that produces the book provides complete technical support as well. The eBook is available for a one-time payment and comes with a complete, 60 day money back guarantee.

Is the Solar Stirling Plant the future of solar energy? Let’s take a look at the advantages this product offers and see if it really does live up to its promises.

Lower Initial Cost: One reason that standard solar panels have never really taken off for residential uses is the enormous costs. PV solar panels, which are the industry standard, can cost up to $30,000 to power the home which most homeowners will never get back during their lifetimes. The Solar Stirling Plant however costs less than $200 to construct and promises to deliver the same type of power.

Proven Technology: Another great advantage is that this product is constructed from proven technology that is nearly two centuries old. Solar panels themselves have not been around as long and suffer from being inefficient. The Solar Sterling Plant however is more reliable and straightforward in its approach, making it a more trusted source of electrical energy.

Easier Maintenance: Because it takes up so much less space than standard solar panels, there is less to maintain which in turn makes it easier to keep clean and run. Although this type of power system may be more vulnerable to wind damage because it stands upright as opposed to laying flat against the roof, it may be less vulnerable to hail damage or snow that collects on the panels.

Reducing Energy Use: While the claims that the Solar Stirling Plant is 12 times more efficient than PV solar panels is still up for debate, there is no doubt that it can significantly cut your electricity bill. Anecdotal evidence along with many years of use in commercial as well as residential areas has confirmed that the Solar Stirling Plant can reduce your electricity bill up to 60%. When you consider the $200 investment, this is a remarkable achievement indeed.

Emergency Power: Along with reducing electrical bills, the Solar Sterling Plant can also generate your won electricity when the main power is down. The recent catastrophe with the impact of Hurricane Sandy, which left thousands upon thousands of people without electricity for weeks, demonstrated how having renewable energy solutions can even save lives by providing electricity for heating and refrigeration of perishable food.

Of course, the Solar Sterling Plant must make it through the storm undamaged, but considering the ease in which it takes to build one, a person can construct a back up to keep safely stored away from the elements before use.

The Final Analysis

There is actually very little to say against the Solar Sterling Plant. While every product has its own set of issue, the combination of low initial cost, proven technology and relatively simple set up make this product a virtual can’t miss when it comes to lowering energy bills.

For those who are simply not very good with tools or building new projects, then it may be best to have someone more skilled actually construct the Solar Sterling Plant. However, since there are very few moving parts, this is a relatively simple device to create.

The Solar Sterling Plant is a very worthwhile investment for those who want to augment their electrical needs with safe, reliable solar power. In addition, this version of solar energy is far cheaper than standard PV panels and uses proven technology to drive down energy costs.